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Large Scale Data Analytics

BigQuery is Google's fully managed, NoOps, low cost analytics database. With BigQuery you have no infrastructure to manage and don't need a database administrator, use familiar SQL and can take advantage of pay-as-you-go model. This collection of features allows you to focus on analyzing data to find meaningful insights. BigQuery is a powerful Big Data analytics platform used by all types of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Fully Managed Data Warehouse

Cloud SQL Features

Google Cloud SQL is a fully-managed MySQL database service.

Improved Scalability BETA
Easily scale up to 16 processor cores and more than 100GB of RAM. Quickly scale out with read replicas.
Cloud SQL instances are accessible from just about any application, anywhere. Easily connect from App Engine, Compute Engine, and your workstation.
Cloud SQL customer's data is encrypted when on Google's internal networks and when stored in database tables, temporary files, and backups. Every Cloud SQL instance includes a network firewall, allowing you to control network access to your database instance by granting access.
Partnerships & Integrations
Take advantage of our growing partner ecosystem and tools to make working with Cloud SQL even easier. Our partners help you streamline the process of loading your data, create rich visualizations for meaningful insights, and monitor and manage your databases.
Higher Performance BETA
Designed for performance-intensive workloads and significantly faster than first generation.
Fully Managed
Replicated, managed and backed-up, so you don't need a database administrator.1
Standard APIs
Build and deploy for the cloud faster because Cloud SQL offers standard MySQL databases. Use standard connection drivers and built-in migration tools to get started quickly.
Automatic Failover
Automatic failover ensures your database will be available when you need it.
More Convenient Maintenance
Cloud SQL Second GenerationBETA offers configurable maintenance windows and less frequent maintenance so your databases have less downtime.
1 Point in time recovery and instant backups are not yet available in Cloud SQL Second Generation BETA, but will be implemented for GA.

Speed & Performance

Load your data from Google Cloud Storage or Google Cloud Datastore, or stream it into BigQuery to enable real-time analysis of your data. With BigQuery you can easily deploy Petabyte-scale Databases.

Speed and Performance

Incredible Pricing

BigQuery separates concepts of Big Data storage and compute, allowing you to scale and pay for each independently. In addition, the first terabyte (1 TB) of data processed each month is free. Please consult the pricing page for more information.

first 1 TB of data process each month is free

Security & Reliability

BigQuery is built with a replicated storage strategy. You can protect your data with strong role-based ACLs that you configure and control.

Security and Reliability