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Infobright is a commercial supplier Columnar-oriented software relational database focus computer-generated data. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Most of its research and development is based in Warsaw, Poland.


Infobright was founded in 2005. It has become a company with open source in September 2008, when the first edition of its free software was released. At the same time it was launched community site. The company is funded by venture capital investors Flybridge Capital Partners, RBC Venture Partners and Sun Microsystems. In 2009, 'Infobright' has been recognized as a partner of MySQL year.


Software database 'Infobright' is integrated with MySQL, but has its own proprietary method of data storage and query optimization. Infobright uses a columnar approach to database design. When loading data into a table, it splits into two groups 2 16 rows are further decomposed into individual data packets for each of the columns. By separating each column with the same number of rows, it retains its integrity with the other speakers to the same record. Each data packet is separately compressed to about 10: 1 on average.

Knowledge Base

A layer of metadata (the so-called Knowledge Base, Mesh) retains a compact information about the content and the relationship between the data packets, replacing the traditional concept of a database index.


The optimizer uses the theory of rough set and granular computing categorizing what data should be extracted taking the necessary information from the Knowledge Base