Wakanda (web framework)

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Developer(s) Wakanda SAS
Repository {{#property:P1324}}
Written in C++, JavaScript
Operating system BSD, Linux, OS X and Windows
Type Web-framework
Website official site

Wakanda is an open-source web framework for web and mobile applications development on Javascript. It was first presented at The Ajax Experience in 2009. First stable vesion was published in 2012.


Wakanda (aka Wakanda Digital App Factory) is a free platform for fast development of Javasript applications. Instead of other solutions, where the development requires usage of different technologies and tools, working together though some code layers, Wakanda allows "all-in-one" development. Server and web applications are working on the same language: Javascript. All steps of app development are done with business logic, which makes the development easy and comfortable. Data structures are based of entity-relationship model. Data model, attributes and relations are organized with specific storage classes, which are being formed on the data from database. Wakanda is being represented in three variations: community, enterprise and cloud. It is designed for work at BSD, Linux, OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Wakanda consists of four parts:

  • Wakanda Studio: enironment that allows to create data model and define needed requirements, desing the interface.
  • Wakanda Server: RDBMS and also client and server API for working with it.
  • Wakanda Connector Pro: an application for connecting to an existing MySQL database.
  • Wakanda Cloud: a cloud service for applications publishing.

Wakanda Server

Wakanda Server consists of two main parts:

Data server

Wakanda Server provides an object data storage, realizing a conseption of entity-relationship model. Such a realization allows to simply and effectively formalize hierarchical data structures, satisfying the developed application logic.

Web server

Wakanda Web server provides a platform for deployment of modern business web applications. It uses powerful tools for optimization the interaction between user interface and data (storage classes, server Javascript, RESTful Data Services etc).

Wakanda Studio

This environment provides all the tools, needed for all of the application development steps. It contains editors:

Solution explorer

Helps to manage the solutions, projects and all the files of the current solution and all its projects.

GUI designes

Using different tool panels, you can create arbitrary design for pages and applications. There are some ready solutions and fully customizable ones.

Code editor

This editor is used for writing code of all the application (JavaScript, XML, JSON, CSS, if they are used). It has built-in syntax highlight and a navigation system over the project files.

Data model designer

Allows to create a data model for a current project. Provides tools for creating all the needed storage classes, attributes and events.


A Javascript debugger, allowing to debug both client and server code.

Additiona tools

A set of additional tool, like an application for server administration and data explorer.


  • Open source code.
  • Modularity and scalability.
  • The lack of connection to vendor.
  • Unification of the development process by creating all the application at single platform.
  • Simplified application support.
  • Work with different client databases.
  • All the development is done with a single language (Javascript).
  • Simplicity of the completed applications publishment.