Specops Password Policy

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Specops Password Policy
Developer(s) Specops Password Policy
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Written in C++
Operating system Windows
Type Password Policy
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Specops Password Policy is a tool that allows you to create and easily manage password policies. It surpasses the right internal policies Windows password, and allows many different password policies for different levels of access as required. Specops Password Policy uses Active Directory [1] (GPO) GPO to implement password policies, and can be applied to users , groups, organizational units (OU) and sites. Administration Tools Specops Password Policy are integrated into the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), which enables administrators to manage policies effectively passwords across your organization by using standard tools and procedures.

Features and Benefits

Specops Password Policy can improve the security of passwords in Active Directory environments. You can use Specops Specops Password Policy for:

  1. Enforce password rules
  2. Compliance
  3. Help users choose stronger passwords and more.

Specops Password Policy extends the functionality of Group Policy and allows you to configure a different set of rules for different types of users.

The principle of policy on the basis of the requirements of complexity

Specops Password Policy allows you to set different requirements and (or) restrictions to create a level of complexity required for your organization. Specops Password Policy can be configured to use the classic rules of passwords and (or) the key phrases that can be applied to all users or certain users. For example, users who have access to confidential information can be assigned to policies to control password complexity, while users with little or no access to confidential information may be assigned less stringent password policy.

Locking vocabulary lists

Specops Password Policy allows you to add, configure, and remove lists of passwords and password hashes lists. Lists are checked every time there is a change password in Active Directory. By blocking the passwords that have been added to the lists. This allows you to increase the security of passwords, forcing users to choose more secure passwords. In addition to adding one password in the list, it is possible to directly import the entire list, for example: to create your own list, Online lists import Specops granted import list:

  1. Including Gawker (more than 180,000 password hashes)
  2. LinkedIn (6,5 million passwords)
  3. Adobe (Top 100 passwords).

Pass phrases

Most older systems do not support passwords longer than eight characters. In Specops can increase the length of the password, for example, up to 20 characters. You can configure the policy: if the password is shorter than the minimum length specified in the parameters of a passphrase, your password will not be accepted.

Error alert

If the password does not meet complexity requirements, users will have clear information on what rules they must comply with.


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