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After flushing the first response to the client, web server continues to generate pagelets one by one. As soon as a pagelet is generated, its response is flushed to the client immediately in a JSON-encoded object that includes all the CSS, JavaScript resources needed for the pagelet, and its HTML content, as well as some meta data.
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At the client side, upon receiving a pagelet response via “onPageletArrive” call, BigPipe’s JavaScript library first downloads its CSS resources; after the CSS resources are downloaded, BigPipe displays the pagelet by setting its corresponding placeholder div’s innerHTML to the pagelet’s HTML markup. Multiple pagelets’ CSS can be downloaded at the same time, and they can be displayed out-of-order depending on whose CSS download finishes earlier. In BigPipe, JavaScript resource is given lower priority than CSS and page content. Therefore, BigPipe won’t start downloading JavaScript for any pagelet until all pagelets in the page have been displayed. After that all pagelets’ JavaScript are downloaded asynchronously. Pagelet’s JavaScript initialization code would then be executed out-of-order depending on whose JavaScript download finishes earlier.
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The end result of this highly parallel system is that several pagelets are executed simultaneously in different stages. For example, the browser can be downloading CSS resources for three pagelets while rendering the content for another pagelet, and meanwhile the server is still generating the response for yet another pagelet. From the user’s perspective, the page is rendered progressively. The initial page content becomes visible much earlier, which dramatically improves user perceived latency of the page. To see the difference for yourself, you can try the following links: Traditional model and BigPipe. The first link renders the page in the traditional single flush model. The second link renders the page in BigPipe’s pipeline model. The difference between the two pages’ load times will be much more significant if your browser version is old, your network speed is slow, and your browser cache is not warmed.
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* ''Buytaert. Retrieved 2016-12-19.''