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Developer(s) Hyperdex
Repository {{#property:P1324}}
Written in C,C++
Operating system UNIX-like, Windows,OS X
Type NoSQL database
Website hyperdex.org
HyperDex is positioned as a distributed, fault-tolerant, easy-scalability, sharpened to a very quick search NoSQL key-value store.

The main advantage - the new principle of storing objects in a multidimensional Euclidean space (see Fig. 1), using a hashing hyperspace (hyperspace hashing), which allows you to perform most common tasks from 2 to 13 times faster than in the MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra.


  • HyperDex appeared in the bowels of the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University Forces 3 authors.
  • Written in C ++; 39,750 LoC;
  • HyperDex represents each table as an independent multi-dimensional space, where the axis - table attributes.

For example, the first picture, we have a table containing information about the user attributes with the «First Name» (X-axis), «Last Name» (Y) and «Phone Number» (Z). HyperDex assigns each object corresponding coordinates on the basis of its attributes. Further, the object mepitsya to add-coordinates by hashing each of its attribute on the respective axes. In the case where a lot of attributes, the space is divided into subspaces (subspaces)



1. habrahabr.ru
2. hyperdex.org