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Developer(s) Wolfgang Meyer
Repository {{#property:P1324}}
Written in Java
Operating system cross-platform
Type Database
License GNU General Public License 2.1
Website official web-page

EXistdb - NoSQL database, which is in the public domain. It was written in 2000 by group of developers headed by Wolfgang Mayer in Java. It upports Linux, MacOS, Windows. In addition to NoSQL, it can also be attributed to an XML databases - it supports JSON and XML. Distributed under license 2.1 GNU LGPL. EXistdb uses the XQuery and XSLT as a query language. The current stable version - the 2.2 version for developers - 3.0. Used in XRX.

Supported standards and technology

  1. XPath - XML ​​Path language
  2. XQuery - XML ​​Query language
  3. XSLT - Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
  4. XSL-FO - XSL Formatting Objects
  5. WebDAV - Web distributed authoring and versioning
  6. REST - Representational state transfer (URL encoding)
  7. RESTXQ - RESTful annotations for XQuery
  8. SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
  9. XACML - XML ​​Access Control Language
  10. XInclude - Server-side include file processing (limited support)
  11. XML-RPC - a remote procedure call protocol
  12. XProc - A XML Pipeline processing language


Parse CSV-file

xquery version "1.0";

let $csv-input-sample :=
'John, Smith, x123
Peg, Jones , x456
Sue, Adams , x789
Dan, McCoy , x321'

let $lines := tokenize($csv-input-sample, '\n')

  for $line in $lines
  let $fields := tokenize($line, ',')
    for $field in $fields


  1. Wiki
  2. XQuery
  3. Official web-page